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Hampshire Heaters: The latest development of charcoal burning marine heaters

marine heaters Hampshire Hampshire Heaters are the latest development of the charcoal burning, bulkhead mounted, marine heaters. With their fully welded, gas tight inner chamber, air is drawn into the outer housing through the lower holes either side, heated by the outer surface of the inner chamber and the heated air then escapes into the cabin through the upper holes in the front, thereby making a greater use of the heat generated by the charcoal, warming the boat by both radiation and convection.

Hampshire heaters are constructed from marine grade stainless steel throughout and should out live you and your boat!!

Using charcoal makes them environmentally neutral, unlike other fuels.

Lighting a Hampshire Heater is simplicity itself. The fire chamber is filled to a quarter full with charcoal. Inside the ashpan there is a glass fiber wick set in a stainless steel holder, the wick is then charged with a small amount of mentholated spirit, lit, and with the air inlet open, replace the ashpan.

Once the heater is working more fuel should be added, up to the top of the fire chamber, and the lid replaced. Your heater will now run for many hours.

To control the heater all that is needed is to wind the air inlet cover fully open to get the charcoal alight initially, and then close it in to regulate the heat output. There is no gas or electrics to worry about. As with all combustion items on a boat including the gas cooker, there must be allowance made for enough fresh air to get into the cabin for your own sake and to feed the heater.

Annual maintenance consists of a rub over with a light abrasive block and some elbow grease. There are no £500.00 invoices served for a new control unit or a new fan assembly etc!!

To purchase a Hampshire Heater, please email for more information.

marine heaters Hampshire marine heaters Hampshire marine heaters Hampshire

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marine heaters Hampshire boat heating solutions
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